fashion week street style!

^^ that is actually Scandinavian street style, but i thought it was too good to miss out

and my favourite....

Philipia Bywater

She makes me want to cut all my hair off!
i can just see her on the cover of frankie right now

Autumn/Winter Inspiration

i am completley in love with the 17th-19th century Victorian style of dress right now, thanks to Alexander McQueen, and i think ill be sticking with this look through out the cool weather months. Ill be putting my own punkie kind of twist on the whole look tho. i do with almost every look i go for.

this a/w must haves for me:
structured/strong shouldered jacket
an amazing amount of stockings
plaid jacket
a black victorian style umbrella
dark red lipstick
hair peices
white pumps
tu-tu skirt (however, i already own 2 of those)

grunge meets lolita

i was hiding my face because i wasnt wearing any makeup

new york street style

my next op shop mission is too replicate this outfit:


friday 13th costume

corpse bride!

the talcom powder keeps coming off my face, haha!

top- thrifted
skirt- thrifted (it was an old wedding dress :)
vale- thrifted
gloves - sports girl
tights- kmart

hand over the dress and no one gets hurt

check please


Josh Beech

my fav....

omg, marry me

Victorian Bushfires

This hits real close to home for me, considering how much family i have that lives right near the fires.
All the news coverage makes me cry everytime i watch it. Needless to say, my thoughts and everything else are with the familys of those who lost their lives or are now left homeless. Me and my friends are donating a whole heap of clothes and toiletries today.

they better catch the mother fuckers who caused these fires.


seriously, could this dude get any hotter?

the outfit that ill never ever be able to afford:

leather leggings: Les Chiffoniers
oversized tshirt dress: Richard Nicoll
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bag: See by Chloe
Beanie: topshop

bite my shiny metal ass

i bought this top from the big day out music festival.
it was insanley hot that day. i think i drank like 5 liters of water