all from topshop....again

bartons back!

back in the oc days this girl used to be my absolute style icon. but for the past 2-3 years she got really bad hair and her style progressivley got worse and worse

but then i found this photo:

whilst most of her outfit is average, that jacket is absolutley AMAZING! and her hair is utterley fantastic.
welcome back bartz

(photo source tfs)

im so sick of summer

i cant wait for winter. winter fashion is so much better.
heres what i compiled from forever 21. anothewr store that we dont have in australia. its a shame, because that store is quite good and real cheap.

man, we have such crap here in adelaide. thats mainly why im forced to shop in op shops.
hey speaking of op shops....i got paid today, i may go winter shopping. even tho winter isnt for another 6 months. eep.

this is why i hate living in adelaide

because we dont have topshop
so i cant get this ridiculously amazing outfit.

i cant wait til i move to England


photo, editing, model: meeeee

dress- vintage


me and my mum went thrift shopping today. i waled out with some wikid as jeans, a awesome raincoat (even tho its still summer here0 and a denim jacket and a black dress as seen in this photo below :)

old school

one of my favourite nicole moments ever


i got this blazer in the little boys section of a thrift shop. i looooooove it!

dress- forever new
blazer- thrifted
shoes- cotton on
necklaces- diva
sunnies- port adelaide markets

oh zippora!

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