everything in this image is thrifted

corpse bride

photography and editing, etc by me
dress (worn as top): black friday
Skirt- thrifted/diy
hat: cotton on
flower: hairdressers

the dark night

ive FINALLY dyed my hair dark
something ive been meaning to do for aaaaages.
so here is just a quick snap shot of it:

and heres an outfit that i wore the other day:

i hate hate hate my hair and face in this photo, but i love my outfit :D

that jacket was thrifted

Love Cat

everything apart from my dress and tights have been thrifted

god save mcqueen

my fav collection of the season

whats the story, morning glory?

june, last year

the new romantics

i love New Romanticism inspired looks right now. that gothic/girly ballerina/queen of england style.
the new romantics was the only good fashion that the 80's produced imo.
here is my New Romanticism inspiration:

Christian Lacroix f/w 09.10

this dude is my second fav designer.
so good
(no one will ever beat mcqueen haha!)

i now really really really want lace and floral tights
more then what i did before.