kinda tagged....but not really

i got this from one of my favourite blogs:
after she was tagged she wrote: "
I tag anyone who wants to do this!" and i defenitly do! :D

Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it.

Model: Elyse Taylor
She is still one of my favourite models. Aussie born Elyse Taylor is probably the only girl ive ever seen that can have blonde hair, dark eyebrows, tanned skin and look amazing and not like a fake, tacky, plastic girl.
im in love with the jacket shes wearing here also
unfortenetley, because i saved this photo SO long ago, i cant remember what ed its from, who the designer of the jacket is or where i saved the image from!


Anonymous said...

I believe it is Givenchy. It says on the photo.

inferno sam said...

thank you!
i have bad eyes so i cant read that small