im so sick of summer

i cant wait for winter. winter fashion is so much better.
heres what i compiled from forever 21. anothewr store that we dont have in australia. its a shame, because that store is quite good and real cheap.

man, we have such crap here in adelaide. thats mainly why im forced to shop in op shops.
hey speaking of op shops....i got paid today, i may go winter shopping. even tho winter isnt for another 6 months. eep.


Camille L. said...

I just love summer fashion. Maybe because i'm currently sick of winter, cold, wind and others.
Sorry for my poor english, i'm french.
But, i like your blog, your outfits and your photographs.

inferno sam said...

Your English is fine! Dont worry :D

In winter here in Australia, it doesnt get too cold, so winter is really good. However, the summer is just too hot! i hate it. i can barley move without breaking a sweat.

and thanks :D

leflassh. said...

aww i feel ya!
im from adelaide aswell
we have literally nothing .
op shopping is prob the best.
and deff bring on the winter .

C* said...

I love that booties!