annie are you okay?

yesterday i bought this amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing red cropped leather jacket from dangerfield:

it cost me 150 bucks which is alot for me because i hardley ever buy anything thats not on sale or from an op shop.
Im saving to move to London in November, so i cant really afford to shop at normal places haha. But when i saw this jacket, i really couldnt resist.

Also, even though i told myself i would try and stay clear of trends as often as i could; this cropped tee trend has gotten to me.
I bought this top from an op shop about 2 years ago and last night i made it into a cropped tee :D


Kyle said...


I really like your blog and lookbook. I wanted to join LB but it said it was invite only, I don't know if you mind helping me with where I can get one do you?

My email is

Thankyou :)


Anonymous said...

Finally a good fashion blog from adelaide! The adelaide fashion scene can be so blah and uninspirational. However, i recently just started going to different clubs and discovered where all the fashionable people have been hanging all these years.

Also i was wondering if you could give me some tips as to good vintage places to shop in adelaide

my email is